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STEM Together

Open to all undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs carrying out research at the University of Calgary. Sign up here! Presentations are 3-5 minutes long, using one powerpoint slide. To be inclusive, presentations are given at a high-level.

CIDE is proposing STEM UNITY for Giving Day 2024. This program is championed by Alejandro J. Cuellar De Lucio and will introduce undergraduates to research in academia and industry. Aimed at inclusivity, retention, and empowerment, it supports first-gen, low-income, non-traditional, transfer, and underrepresented STEM students. Addressing GPA limitations, the initiative provides hands-on lab experiences, emphasizing practical skills and problem-solving.  

What to do After You've Graduated?

An annual career guidance panel featuring panelists with diverse career paths. All students are welcome to attend. Previous panelists have represented the fields of academia, industry, science communication, university administration, patent law and publishing.


A safe and inclusive space within which attendees can casually and openly talk about their everyday successes, experiences and issues as students and postdocs with regards to EDI (Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity).

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