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Chemists for Inclusivity, Diversity & Equity


CIDE is proposing STEM UNITY for Giving Day 2024. This program is championed by Alejandro J. Cuellar De Lucio and will introduce undergraduates to research in academia and industry. Aimed at inclusivity, retention, and empowerment, it supports first-gen, low-income, non-traditional, transfer and underrepresented STEM students. Addressing GPA limitations, the initiative provides hands-on lab experiences, emphasizing practical skills and problem-solving.  The program, grounded in the benefits of diversity, promotes inclusivity in internships and recognizes neurodivergence and diverse work situations, contributing to a more equitable and successful STEM community.

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UCalgary CIDE is dedicated to advancing inclusivity, diversity, and equity in the field of chemistry, within our department and beyond. We provide personal and professional development initiatives, including networking events and workshops. CIDE is actively involved in community outreach, we strive to cultivate positive change, progressively enhancing our environment

one step at a time.

UC-CIDE Podcast

Hosted by graduate students and alumni, each episode explores different issues and insights experienced and observed by our community, and beyond.

  • IUPAC Global Women's Breakfast
    IUPAC Global Women's Breakfast
    Tue, Feb 27
    Last Defence Lounge
    Last Defence Lounge, 350 MSC, 2500, University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada
    Last Defence Lounge, 350 MSC, 2500, University Dr NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4, Canada
    Join us for our local IUPAC GWB! This year's meeting will include a workshop on the Art of Inclusive Leadership, provided by Campfire Kinship. The theme of this year's IUPAC GWB is "Catalyzing Diversity in Science."
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